Why Do Cats Sit On Your Chest?

Why Do Cats Sit On Your Chest?

Not that you mind of course, but why do cats sit on your chest—especially when you've provided them with a wealth of plush, comfy options all over your home? Sure, it's a magical, stress-relieving moment for you. But what does your furry friend get out of it?

Funnily enough, cats lay on our chest because it's just as comforting to them; there are several reasons why. Let's take a peek at what's going on in your four-legged pal's mind.

Why Do Cats Sit On Your Chest? Short Answer: Your Cat Trusts You.

1. You've won them over

grey and white cat touching hand

As cat owners know only too well, cats aren't like most other pets—it can take time for your feline companion to get accustomed to you and eventually grow to trust you. And when that time comes, one of their favorite ways of expressing it is by sitting on your chest. Purring is a bonus.

It's not just a matter of showing you that they love you though, your cat knows laying on your chest almost guarantees some petting. But more importantly, they're letting you know they like your company.

2. They love your warmth

brown kitten being carried by woman

There's no doubt that you're a great person, but we're talking about your literal warmth. Your cozy body temperature makes your chest the perfect spot for a snooze. Cats grab around 15 hours worth of sleep daily, and their body temperature floats around 102 degrees F. Meaning your chest is just heavenly for a quick shut-eye.

What about the cat bed? Well, they might actually prefer you—your body acts like a heated blanked, perpetually generating the right amount of heat.

3. You're a 'safe place'

black and white cat peeping under covers

Cats are natural predators in the wild. Even domestic cats can't shake their primal instincts to hunt and stalk (as you probably know too well). In fact, cats are such finely-tuned hunting machines that even while sleeping, they've got 'an ear open' to listen for potential threats.

Considering all that, your chest is one of the safest spots around and they know it. Your furry buddy knows that no 'predator' would dare attack while they're perched on your chest. You could argue that they're looking out for you too!

4. They're marking territory

white cat laying on man's chest

You're probably already know that cats can be quite jealous, and won't give up an opportunity to mark their presence. And that's quite possible one of the reasons they love to knead and curl around on your chest. As your cats sits, they're also laying down pheromones on your clothes.

The pheromones are like scent markers, telling other cats that your chest is 'taken'. That you're their 'property'. But you probably knew that already.

5. Your heart sounds nice

grey kitten sitting in woman's lap

Cats have extremely keen hearing so make no mistake—when they're sitting on your chest, they hear your heart beat. And the rhythmic ticking might be comforting to them, almost like a little sign that you're alive and well, looking out for them.

And they do repay the favor in a sense. Numerous studies have shown that the purring of your cat can lower stress levels, blood pressure and potentially heart health too!

Closing Thoughts: Any Reason To Stop My Cat Sitting On My Chest?

tiger striped cat laying on man's shoulder

So we've covered how letting your cat lay on your chest could be great for your health as well as theirs. But are they any circumstances where you should discourage them from seeking out their favorite human spot? If you suffer from allergies, you might want to keep a bit if distance. And if your cat has just indulged in a dust bath, you'll probably want to let them clean up first.

Barring these extenuating circumstances, there's really no reason you shouldn't continue to bond with your feline friend, on or off your chest.

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