7 Things Your Pet Cat Hates!

7 Things Your Pet Cat Hates!

There's no denying cats can be pretty mysterious creatures (good luck finding a motive behind some of their stranger shenanigans). But they also have a lot in common with us, especially when it comes to things they can't stand!

Stale food

black cat eating food

You wouldn't be thrilled about digging into a plate of stale food and surprise!—your cat would probably get mad too. Spoiled food tastes bad and can make cats sick. And chances are, they're smart enough to suspect you of cheaping out, even if it was an honest mistake.

Not enough attention

white cat being petted

Contrary to countless internet memes and jokes, cats aren't constantly waiting for their humans to leave the house — they're not solitary creatures! Left by themselves for extended durations, cats can become lethargic and even develop depression.

Too much attention

black and white cat being carried

Yes they don't like being left alone all day, but cats certainly don't enjoy being aggressively petted every few minutes. Cats have evolved to be highly sensitive to tactile stimuli, so petting the wrong part can be quite uncomfortable.

Dirty litter boxes

black cat jumping out of litter box

Entering a dirty toilet can be traumatizing, right? Guess what—cats hate dirty litter boxes too. Scoop out 'unwanted' material from your cat's litter box every day or two, replacing the litter entirely about every two weeks (depending on how often it's scooped). 

Yucky medicine

black and white cat sticking out its tongue

We've all been there; the last thing we want when we're feeling lousy is to gulp down terrible-tasting medicine. Cats are no different—many will foam at the mouth or just spit the pill out. You can make the experience a little more pleasant with a small treat after.

Sudden loud noises

kitten peeping out from behind couch

Thunderstorms, loud yelling, fireworks and other sources of commotion can stress cats out—prolonged exposure can even result in behavioral changes, like heightened aggression. While hard to control, try to keep your cat in a quieter room when things get noisy.

Unexpected changes

brown and white cat curled up on couch

Just like us, cats aren't fond of being pushed outside their comfort zone—whether it's something little like a change in their litter tray, or a big change like moving houses, cats need time to accept and adapt. Gently reassuring them can go a long way with this.

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